Q. How to apply for testing?

A. Please phone us to check availability of a test facility. If it fits your demands, please fill in the Application Form and submit it to us by fax or email.

Q. Is tentative reservation acceptable?

A. Sorry but we do not accept tentative reservation.

Q. Can the facilities be rented per hour?

A. Sorry but we do not offer the rental use of our facilities per hour. JEL charge the testing fee per day basis. Even a test finished in half day, the fees will not be discounted. There is no additional charge by the number of devices tested.

Q. How long does it take for the tests?

A. It depends on the number of modes, EUT specifications, and applicable standards. Please contact us by email or phone/fax providing the information as below.

yEMI- Emission testingz

  • EUT outline (Size, Category)
  • Using AE (Auxiliary Equipment) or not
  • Number and category of the cables
  • Applicable Standard
  • Power voltage
  • Requirements for Communication port, Microwave, Clamp method

yEMS-Immunity testingz

  • EUT outline (Size, Category)
  • Applicable Standard, Test item
  • Operation cycle
  • Electrostatic discharge (EN61000-4-2) ---» How many times of total surface area are possible user access range?
  • Radiated Immunity (EN61000-4-3) ---» Test level, Dwell time
  • Surge (EN61000-4-5) ---» Number of Test modes, Any request for the interval on surge absorber on primary power supply.
  • Conducted immunity (EN61000-4-6) ---» Number of inlets for power supply, Number of I/F's
  • Voltage dip/short interruption (EN61000-4-11) ---» Time to enter the stand-by mode after the power switched OFF
  • EN55024 ---» Inlet type is IEC60320/J60320 C7 or not, Number of cables longer than 3m

Q. Is facility rental service available?

A. Sorry but we can not rent facilities only. JEL engineer operates all the test equipments. Customers only have to setup the EUT.

Q. What is the difference between Witnessed testing and Entrusted testing?

A. For the Witnessed testing, customers are to visit the test site and the assigned JEL engineer is to implement the testing on the day requested. And for the Entrusted testing, customers just have to send the EUT to JEL and we implement testing on the date of earliest vacancy at the test site. Please leave it to us for testing schedule.
Entrusted testing is limited in EUT for emission testing, with simple operation, and of lightweight. Harmonics and Flicker testing are limited for single-phase AC equipment with input current less than 16A.

Q. EUT setting before 9:00 acceptable?

A. Sorry but the time from 8:30 to 9:00 is used for JEL internal daily check and we cannot accept EUT setting before 9:00.

Q. Is Holiday Receipt of EUT available?

A. Sorry but we do not accept Holiday Receipt, or Dispatch on the day JEL is closed. (Except for the case of Holiday testing day)

For details please contact to:
yReservation DeskzGeneral Service Bureau
TEL: +81 4 7188 6381
FAX: +81 4 7188 6382