Change of Korean KCC Mark Design
June 1. 2011

The conformity mark of the KCC was integrated from the KCC mark into the KC mark.

kccnext kc

After July 1, 2011, presentation of the KC mark becomes indispensable at import customs clearance to South Korea.

Change of conformity assessment system for broadcasting and communication equipment
June 1. 2011

Conformity assessment system for broadcasting and communication equipment is changed according to the revision of Korea Radio Wave Act. As of January 24, 2011, it was changed from Type official approval according to classification of past usage; Type registration, Type approval and EMC registration, into classification by safety under use (Certification of Conformity, Registration of Compatibility, and Interim of Conformity).

Conformity Examples of certification-targeted equipment
Certification of Conformity Telecommunications equipment (wireless and cable) and communication terminal equipment, etc.
Registration of Compatibility IT equipments, ISM equipments
Interim of Conformity Equipment whose conformity assessment criteria are not yet available

yChange of Conformity Assessment Procedurez

ECertification of Conformity: Test at designated laboratory -> Application -> Review -> Issue of Certificate
ERegistration of Compatibility: a) Test at designated laboratory -> Registration of the product
b) Independent test -> Registration of the product
Whether it is evaluated by A or B depends on the product.
EInterim of Conformity: Independent test -> Application -> Review->Issue of Certificate

The logo change of Korean certification MIC mark into KCC mark
(November 1, 2008 or later)
August 31. 2008

MIC (Ministry of Information and Communication) and KBC (Korean Broadcasting Commission) are consolidated into KCC (Korea Communications Commission) on 29 February and former "MIC Mark" are to be replaced with "KCC mark" (announced by KCC Notice No. 2008-108 as of 7 August 2008)
The new KCC logo is effective from 1, November 2008. Already approved or certification applied products before this date can keep the previous MIC logo.

ySample of KCC markz
kcc logo

The start of local testing support service for CCC
(Guangdong Province Shenzen)
November 01, 2006

JEL has been assisting customer to acquire certification with compliance test for Chinese CCC, and now JEL offer to support professionally the witnessed testing of local EMC testing and product safety testing. Especially for ITE and household electric appliances, we can carry out both EMC testing and product safety testing at the laboratory approved by china quality certification center (CQC).

For details please contact to:
yReservation DeskzGeneral Service Bureau
TEL: +81 4 7188 6381
FAX: +81 4 7188 6382