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Before exporting products to Taiwan, we should start with checking whether or not the sale of the products is restricted in Taiwan.
As for Taiwanese market, restricted items are categorized by C.C.C. code (First 6 digits are the common number with that for HS Code), and the products without corresponding code are basically regarded as out of restriction.
However, in these days, it is current status that import items have become too various even for BSMI to perfectly grasp and to categorize every applicable items into the appropriate group. Therefore JEL offer "BSMI Confirmation Service" in which we directly contact to BSMI instead of customers to check if the product is restricted by BSMI or not.
We suppose that if it is confirmed in advance with BSMI, there will not be case that an application rejected due to out of restriction or unapplied products judged as restricted in the after market inspection, and that preventing the loss of time and cost could contribute to company risk managements of the customers.

Flow of the confirmation service


Check the BSMI Web Site

First, please read the below-mentioned BSMI WEB page with customer yourself, where please confirm whether or not your product is subject to the regulation.

BSMI Web Site


¡In case that your product need certification

It is necessary to execute the test for the item required by BSMI immediately, and to apply for the certification. JEL can offer the above-mentioned consecutive job. (Some of the procedures are to be accomplished by our local agent)

Go to Taiwan EMC Testing Page

Go to Taiwan Product Safety Testing Page

Go to Application Services Page

¡When you are not sure whether the product needs certification or not.

Go to Step2


Please submit "Application form for confirmation service" and product specifications to JEL. (The data where product details are stated is necessary.)

  • Product Descriptions in English
  • Product Specifications (Operation Guide is acceptable) in English
  • Product Images
  • Category
  • Power Voltage
  • Enclosed attachment (If any)
  • Others

*It is not the case that all of the above-mentioned items are necessary. If there is a sufficient amount of information, the verification job with BSMI is possible.

Step3 On the basis of provided information, we confirm it with BSMI

¡If your product is within the listed items for BSMI Certification

  • We will inform a customer of the applicable C.C.C. code.
  • We will contact BSMI to issue a letter stating that your product is subject to the item to be certified by BSMI.
  • We will inform you of the availability of test site and make guidance of JEL application services.

¡If your product is out of the listed items for BSMI Certification

  • In order to prevent the trouble at customs, we will obtain the letter issued by BSMI stating that the product is not subject to the items in need of BSMI certification.

When you utilize this service

Prices and Lead time

BSMI Confirmation JPY90,000`/model
Lead time 7`10days

For details please contact to:
yReservation DeskzGeneral Service Bureau / Asia Approval Group
TEL: +81 4 7188 6381
FAX: +81 4 7188 6382