Application Services

We would offer application services for acquisition of ASIAN Certifications such as Taiwan (BSMI/NCC), Korea (KCC/KC), and China (CCC). Not to mention local test arrangements, progress management of tests, documentation guidance, JEL helps customers in series of works for the acquisition of Certification.

Flow to the acquisition of Certification

          šArrangement by JEL

Order for Application Service
Research of Certification: We research about possible restrictions against customer's product at destination.
Arrangement for tests (EMC testing, Product Safety tests, RF performance tests): Test Arrangement, Progress Management
Test at local laboratory: Attendance by JEL is available. (charged)

  • As for EMC testing for Information Technology products for Taiwan (CISPR 22), Electro-magnetic cooker, Microwave oven (CISPR 11), Household appliances, and for electric tools and similar apparatus (CISPR 14-1) are available by JEL in Japan. BSMI Test Report issued by JEL is acceptable for application without EMC testing in Taiwan.

Arrangement for factory inspection (as necessary): Scheduling
Factory Inspection
Preparation of application documents: JEL issue necessary application documents referring to the technical information provided by customer.
Application: Application service to Certification Body.(It is possible for conformity tests to be carried out after acceptance of application by certification body)
Acquisition of Certification
Follow-up Service: Supporting customer with Labeling instructions, etc.

Necessary documents for the JEL Application Service

  • Operation manual in local language
  • Product descriptions including technical specifications
  • Electric Circuit Diagram
  • Block Diagram
  • Rating Plate Information
  • Labeling instruction of the Certification Logo
  • Images of EUT (External/Internal View, PCB)
  • Application Form for Certification Body
  • Power of Attorney for local agents
  • Marketing permission for local distributor
  • Test Report

ŠThe above are basic documents necessary for applications, which varies by each certification to be acquired.


With regard to EMC testing, you only have to carry out necessary tests at JEL. In other words, you can use JEL test data for application. Additionally, for the equipments of product safety required category, we completely back it up from the application stage to the progress management of testing by our local agent.

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JEL have tied up with plural laboratories in China in addition to carrying out the preliminary tests in Japan, and completely support from the application stage to the arrangement of testing for CCC Certification. Also, we will support to customerfs needs concerning the periodical sampling tests after the acquisition of certification.


Thanks to the RRL accredited EMC laboratory that is tied up with JEL, we thoroughly support customers from the application stage to carrying out the EMC testing. Also we can offer local research as necessary.

Other Asian countries

We support Product Safety testing and EMC testing for Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries.

For details please contact to:
yReservation DeskzGeneral Service Bureau / Asia Approval Group
TEL: +81 4 7188 6381
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