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KC Mark certification system in Korea is the accreditation system for product safety based on "Electrical Appliances Safety Control law", for which certification bodies like KTL (Korea Testing Laboratory), KETI (Korea Electric Testing Institute), and ERI (EMC Research Institute) are testing institutes as well. It is necessary to submit test samples and necessary documents for product safety tests to be carried out by these organs for acquisition of KC Mark. We, JEL Ltd offer the application service to certification body for customers from test arrangement through the acquisition of certification.

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Flow from the test to application


Firstly, please contact us with following information:

-Description of EUT (Specifications, etc.)
-Rough schedule for preparation of test sample


JEL inform customers of the following information.

-Reserved day for test*
-Number of necessary samples
-Necessary documents list
-Rough estimation for the cost
-Rough schedule

Please proceed to the next step for application after checking the above

*After confirmation of rough schedule for the test with product safety certification organization, we will inform customers of it.

For Test

Please fill in the application form for the certification test and submit it to us.If you have any questions in the application, please contact to the following address:

JEL Asia Approval Group
TEL: +81 4 7188 6381@FAX: +81 4 7188 6382


We will send back a copy to customers with receipt mark stamped.
The reservation is fixed.

In case you do not receive any confirmation of reservation, please contact to the following address:

JEL Asia Approval Group
TEL: +81 4 7188 6381

Shipment of
Sample unit

Please arrange shipment of sample unit to the local test laboratory or JEL agent prior to the reserved day.

We will advise the shipping address when sending back the application form to you as a confirmation of reservation. Please be sure to attach the operation guide to the sample unit.

Submission of
Necessary documents
Please provide us with necessary documents for issuing test report when you ship the sample.
Specifically, please refer to the list of necessary documents.

EMC Testing
Product Safety Test

Test at local laboratory
Customers will be updated by JEL with test status as necessary.
Issue of
EMC Testing
and Product Safety
Test Report

nextFor customers in need of further step to KC Mark Certification service

Necessary Documents List for Product Safety Test Report for acquisition of KC Mark
Item Detail
Operation Guide In Korean
Important parts List -
Specifications of important parts, Certificate, Certification number -
Image of Important parts Photo image with:
- certification number(s) of the certified parts
- a scale put aside
Wiring block diagram, PCB pattern diagram -
PCB Layout, Insulation level -
Specifications of Temperature sensor and Overload sensor -
Certificates for Rust preventive paint and plastic material -
Material of screws -
Type of inner wiring, Manufacturer, Layout, etc. -
Rating Plate Label in Korean (Type, voltage, power consumption)
EUT Image (Front & Rear) Photo image with a scale put aside.
Sample (   units) Number of unit varies by a product.
Others -

*There are cases that some of above are not required for product safety test. Necessary document varies by EUT.

JEL Applicable CNS Standards

Information Technology Equipments (ITE) K60065, K60950 (IEC 60065, IEC 60950)
Household Electrical Appliances K60335 (IEC 60335)
Switches K60620, K61058
Cable and Cords K60227
Lighting Appliances K60598

If you are not sure which category the product belongs to, we recommend that you utilize our confirmation service to check directly with certification body if it should be certified by KC or not, borrowing the product specifications. (Charged)

Prices and Lead time

Test fee for KC Mark differs by product to be tested. Please refer to the following table and contact us if you need further information.

Certification Acquisition Fee
(Including Testing Fee)
It varies by product, for which please make inquiry to us separately.
Application Service Fee JPY378,000-/application
Test Report Issuing Fee Original: Included in above test fee
Photocopied original: JPY3,000/copy
Shipping charge of samples It varies by size and weight of EUT.
  1. For details of Application Service, please check the contents of "Application Service for Certificate" page.
  2. It is possible for us to expedite total lead time for test and for issuing the test report if customer can provide us with necessary documents before finishing the test procedure.

Other Notices

¡Exemptions from test for the parts

If the following important parts for product safety are used, tests for the additional parts will be exempted, that may cause a quicker acquisition of certification.

¡Exemptions from EMC testing for KC Certification

For details please contact to:
yReservation DeskzGeneral Service Bureau / Asia Approval Group
TEL: +81 4 7188 6381
FAX: +81 4 7188 6382