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According to IMPLEMENTION RULES FOR COMPULSORY CERTIFICATION OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS Information Technology Equipment that is the guidance for CCC factory inspection, the enforcement of "a periodical product sampling test" is obliged as one of the Factory Inspection item. (once in two years since January 1, 2006) This is a test to confirm it whether, for example once in two years, finished products in the factory meet the applicable EMC standards, in which however Factory Inspection will not be OK if it has not been enforced yet.
JEL can arrange the above sampling test to be carried out at the local tied-up laboratory. Please keep along the following menus:

Factory Sampling Test Service Menu: Which pattern does it apply to?
1 Having no person in charge locally and full service is necessary anyway.

yControl from Japanz

JEL supports 100% of the cost

Factory sampling test full assistance
2 Test sample is available in local.

yControl by local agentz

JEL supports 50% of the cost

factory sampling test semi assistance
3 Local arrangement is possible and just information for the reliable test laboratory is necessary. JEL supports 10% of the cost Spot factory sampling test assistance


Menu Annual Management Fee Remarks
1-Full Assistance JPY520,000- EMC Testing once per year, test arrangement and administrative expenses.
2-Semi Assistance JPY260,000- EMC Testing once per year and administrative expenses.
3-Spot Assistance JPY50,000- Local adjustment for actual expenses, except for first guidance charges.

Please click the applicable "Factory Sampling Test Service Menu" to see the details of each service.

For details please contact to:
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